A Traditional Family Link


Pasquale Paschia had a passion for life that was authentic and surpassed by none. You could taste it in his cooking.

Pasquale, (7.11.1920 to 1.1.1981), born in Siculiana, Sicily. Pasquale's father, Giuseppe left wife, Carmela and two sons, and came to America as a brick mason with the hope of bringing his family to the New Country and giving them a better life.

Pasquale was two years old when his mother died. Carmela's brother took in and cared for Pasquale and his older brother Manuel. They persevered through tough times and a challenging childhood, but the hardships made them fully appreciate the opportunities America had to offer.

Giuseppe married Ninfa and they arranged for Pasquale and his brother to come to Gary, Indiana to join his father and new loving mother. Pasquale was 10 years old when he came to America.

Pasquale Paschia became Pat Paxhia, his new American name.

He married Florence Vitucci and they had two daughters and a son.

Pat was an entrepreneur and tried many businesses until he realized his real love was cooking. His first restaurant was the Derby Lunch and all his other many restaurants, including a flourishing catering business, were named Pat's. His one-of-a-kind, Sicilian-spiced sausage was his signature dish, which now lives on at Pasquale's Place.

Owner Carmella Duncan, daughter of Pasquale, is proud to bring you a piece of Pasquale's lifelong love for delicious food, family gatherings and the spirit of Sicily.